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The Hearns & Oliver Foundation

The Hearns & Oliver Foundation takes pride in giving back to the community and creating positive experiences for others. Currently we host an Annual Christmas Dinner Toy Drive benefitting women and children in transition from homeless shelters. During this event we provide age appropriate gifts and a big dinner, allowing members to interact with each family.

Our Foundation has also established a named scholarship through William Paterson University. The "Breaking the Cycle, the Future of Social Work Annual Scholarship" Award will go to a student majoring in psychology or a major in sociology, with a concentration in social services.

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“To redefine “Community”, creating a sense of Unity with the sole purpose of giving back to less fortunate children and families”.


“Imagine what “we” can accomplish compared to what “I” can accomplish. We understand the importance of “community” and the impact that it could have if we stick together. Our connection with a single person is like a bridge to opportunity. A bridge to opportunity is a link to a network. A network creates community and a community creates family. Together we can achieve a better quality of life for all”.

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