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Donald Oliver, LSW

I have worked in the social work field for over 15 years. During that time, I have provided services in various settings with school age children, teenagers, young adults, middle- age adults, and older adults. While in the field of social work I have received numerous amounts of training to further enhance my knowledge to better assist
the population being served. My experience working with individuals and families has provided me with great rapport building skills and additional techniques to help the clients with their life stressors.


My primary focus in therapy is to create therapeutic relationship with my clients, where they feel safe and comfortable to discuss their stressors. My three largest goals are to make sure I am able to assist, guide and counsel those who are in need. I do this for those who need someone they can trust and for those who feel they
can’t turn to anyone in their time of need. Ultimately, I do this for my family to make sure I can assist them every way possible.
In my personal time I enjoy running, playing/watching Basketball and Exercising. The most joy I receive is being
able enjoy my family’s company and engaging in activities with my children.


My biggest achievements accomplished in this field have nothing to do with awards. Personally, being able to
create a healthy therapeutic rapport with my clients and their families, as well as being a part of the positive change that occurs during my time with the individual or family is my greatest accomplishment. I want to be able to provide services to people whose experience I grew up around. I am from the inner city and had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am today.


As I think back through my life. I have discovered that being a social worker was something that was in me as a young kid. When I found out that my friends who I walked to school with almost daily did not eat breakfast before school, I would invite them over for breakfast. To this present date, I often extend myself to help those around me in any situation big or small.

I am a first-generation college graduate and Master’s degree recipient. I am also a therapist that is a man of color. I look forward to helping you the best way that I can.

Donald Oliver - EPIC Therapy Counseling Services
Linsay Hearns - EPIC Therapy Counseling Services

Linsay Hearns, LCSW

I am an African American Male, born and raised in New Jersey. There is an abundance of personal and professional experience that I draw strength, guidance, and wisdom from. I have worked in various settings with school age children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults over the course of my 15 years of experience in the Social Work Field. I have had many key roles in community settings that allow me to continue my education through training and experience as well as meeting many people and leaving a lasting positive impact on each person or group of people. My interest in helping others started when I began to mentor inner city youth. Over the course of my experience I have worked with all populations, cultures, ethnicities, and it has lead me where I am today as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker helping children, families, and individuals all while creating a safe space where everyone and every voice matters.


My primary focus in Therapy is to provide a safe space for creative and positive self-expression. This allows me to build the most therapeutic rapport, free of judgement, and to promote self-worth and dignity. Storytelling and exploring/processing emotions are essential to the therapeutic process. I also provide psychoeducation to help clients learn more about themselves and/or other people in their lives. I do this for children, families, and individuals.

My hobbies are: Long Runs, Playing/Watching Basketball, Cooking/Grilling/Baking, but most of all I love to spend time with my family and playing anything with my children. My favorite restaurant is Bahama Breeze and we love to go on vacation where the weather is always beautiful.


My Achievements at work are merely opportunities to leave a lasting impression and positive impact on the
people I interact with from day to day. Outside of work I have a non-profit organization that focuses on social and community engagement, giving back to less fortunate families within my community and across other communities as well.


When I see a person or family that needs assistance, my gut instinct is to find a way to help. In most cases I am offering a meal before I depart. A more specific example would be when I was going to Shoprite. I witnessed what seemed to be a mother, father, and two small children sitting with signs. I asked them if I could offer food and if there were any allergies. The family was of Hispanic descent and spoke very little English. I spoke very little Spanish, but I understood the need for a meal and so I provided food, water, utensils, and sanitizing wipes. It is safe to say that I am always looking for opportunities to leave a lasting impression and “Break The Cycle”.

Dondre Oliver - EPIC Therapy Counseling Services

Dondre Oliver, MSW

My journey started 15 years ago, where I became a mentor for inner city youth. I had the opportunity to help change lives while getting my undergraduate degree at William Paterson University. I became so passionate about making a difference, that it lead me to venture off and touch different sectors of the social work and mental health field realm. I have worked in group homes for adolescents and developmentally disabled, along with case management services.
Throughout my time, I was able to develop different skills and increase my knowledge through various trainings and leave a lasting positive impact on those I have worked with. In my experience, I have worked with different cultures, ethnicity and age groups in helping those realize their potential, value and worth.


Currently my primary focus is providing therapy in a therapeutic setting to allow individuals to be able express their thoughts and emotions that they are dealing with. I have a judge free zone in which allows client to be open and be vulnerable about things they are going through, whether in the present or things in their past they have not been able to overcome. I also provide psychoeducation to help individuals understand themselves and what they are experiencing in their lives.


I enjoy playing basketball, exercising, bowling, and riding my motorcycle; but I enjoy spending time with my family most of all. Making memories to cherish for a lifetime by the things we engage in together.


My accomplishments are being able to connect and build a trusting relationship that allows for me to have a positive impact on the individuals and families that I engage with daily. Outside of work, I have a non-profit organization that engages with the community to help less fortunate families. Through socializing, my non-profit host different events to bring the community together to celebrate one another.


I’ve always been a helping and caring individual since I was a little child. As a kid, I would help my elderly neighbor by taking out her trash or walk my elderly church member home weekly. My genuineness allowed me to help individuals, families and friends in ways I never would have imagined regardless of just listening, giving advice or community work and that, I am grateful for. I identify as a person of color


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